Can I hide some of the installation steps in left side of installation panel?

Hi all,

For example, I have 7 steps or panels for a installation, and my installer will be installed or multi platform ( windows, unix, etc. )
1 Introduction
2 License agreement
3 Select target directory
4 Input Unix user/group name
5 Insallation summary
6 Installing
7 Installation completed

These texts will be showed in left side of Installation panels. Here Step 4 (Input Unix user/group name) is valid for Unix platform only. So its description should be hide for Windows installation. But now all these texts will be showed even the panel of Step 4 will not appear in Windows installation ( by add a rule for platform ).

The question is how to hide the text of some steps when they will not be valid in some platforms?
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This can be achieved by setting the "Check Platform Rule" for that panel. Select the Panel and moves the exact Unix platform to "Perform on" list.
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