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Apple OS X x64/x32 installations

Does anyone know how to produce the x64 installations on MAC OS X?

I see the downloads of x64 JRE VM packs for Windows, Solaris e.t.c. - but Apple OS X Oracle packs are without any info about the platform.

My MAC's OS is OS X 13.1.2, it supports the x64 applications, but all the builds made with InstallAnywhere are x32. How can I produce the x64 installations?

Thanks in advance! I will appreciate any your assistance in this question.


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JRE VM packs available https://www.revenera.com/install/products/installanywhere/installanywhere-files-utilities/jre-vm-pac... are 64 bit supported. MAC OS 10.13 onwards build are 64 bit builds when created using 64 bit Java.

Hope this helps.

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