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App not registered w/ InstallShield Update Manager

I have a project that didn't use the Update Service/FLEX connect in previous releases, & many customers have this.
We now wish to start using the Update Service/FLEX connect, & I've since configured everything such that the Update Service is included on the install.

When installing on a machine for the first time, once the setup finishes, my product appears in the InstallShield Update Manager. I can use it to check for updates to my product & all is well, for new customers anyway.

When installing on a machine w/ the previous version already installed(ie: existing customers), my application is NOT registered w/ the Update Manager(ISUSM.exe), even though UpdateServiceRegisterProduct() returns 0.

I really need to get this working & have tried about everything I can think of, including opening a ticket w/ the slow to respond folks at esupport.

What do I need to do so that the Update Service will work when updating a previous install when the old install had Update Service turned off & the new install has it turned on?

This is in an InstallShield X project, but I posted it here as I wanted it in a forum that actually has some traffic.
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I'm afraid this is the InstallAnywhere forum, not one of the many InstallShield ones. 😞
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oops! will move it
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