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After starting a .exe file built by InstallAnywhere, there is a 1 minute wait before install starts

Whenever I double-click the .exe file of an installer that was just built, it takes over a minute for any install window to appear. This makes it seem like the user never actually clicked the installer, and might cause them to try clicking it again, which will give an error.

In Process Explorer I can see the InstallAnywhere .exe process immediately after double-clicking the .exe, but it doesn't visually appear on the screen for about a minute after that point.

The issue only seems to exist after I changed the default install anywhere theme from the default, but there were several other minor settings that were changed. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Our IA Version is 2018. Maybe we could upgrade or get a trial to test IA 2020 to see if it's fixed in this version.

I redesigned our company's installer, and they were onboard with my changes, but this lag suggests I introduced issues. It's crucial this be resolved or all our future installers will have this delay before installation visibly starts.

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This is the first time anyone raising concerns on installer takes almost a minute to launch and even I have never came across this situation before.

Could you please enable logs and set the log level to 5 and launch the installer with "Ctrl" button pressed. By doing this console will open with live logs so that you can check what is happening between installer double clicked and installer launching time.

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I discovered the issue was caused by multiple entries in PATH for previous installations. Our installers add the python folder to PATH using IA option "add to path" in the install sequence, and there were several previous installations in PATH. After removing them from PATH I tried to install again, and the window appeared almost instantly, telling me this was the issue.

***So we don't see this issue in the future, is there a way to only add to PATH if it doesn't already exist in PATH?***

(Instead of adding every installation's python folder to PATH, is there a way we could just set PYTHONHOME and add "%PYTHONHOME%" to PATH if the text "%PYTHONHOME%" doesn't already exist in PATH? There's no option to *NOT* add to path if the entry already exists, so our PATH variable is getting longer and longer with every install.)
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