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Level 4

Adding panel in install section


I am using InstallAnyWhere to create a setup which does silent installation of php and postgres.
While installation i wanna list name of php and postgres Installation like how we show Introduction, Pre installation etc in left hand side , So that i can track the installation.

But i cannot add panel in install section, i am unable to track the installation. 😞

Any hint and pointer in this direction will be helpful.

Thanks in advance...

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Level 3

i think what you are looking for is the following:
in advanced view, click installer ui > look & feel > installer steps.
at the bottom is 'list of installer steps'. click add label and name it what you want (ex. php). to have the panel use the label, click on the panel in pre install or post install and choose the label settings tab, and set it to the label you just created.

if what you wanted was for the label to be highlighted while dropping the files down during the install section, then i think you are out of luck. but during this section it will say something like 'installing archive:' so it would be tracked that way.
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Level 4

Hi Jack

Thanks for the reply.

The solution you specified wouldn't work in this case as i required some check on left side of the panel saying which components(php and postgres in my case ) have installation complete.

Actually i have 2 scripts that does silent installation of php and postgres in install section.
So after execution of scripts i need the respective label to get highlighted.

Awaiting reply.
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