SaaS Management: Office 365 License Reclamation

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Office 365 License Reclamation

License Reclamation is the process of taking back licenses from application users. These users fall into one of the following scenarios.

  • Employees who are inactive in your organization’s HR Roster
  • Application users who have never logged in to an application
  • Application users who are inactive

Reclaimed licenses help optimize SaaS spend and increase procurement efficiency because you avoid buying additional licenses for new license requests. You also limit security risks by reclaiming licenses from inactive employees in your HR Roster. To achieve these goals, SaaS Manager provides an automated License Reclamation workflow. In addition, SaaS Manager’s reclamation history tracks each step of the License Reclamation workflow and each License Reclamation status. For details, refer to Reclaiming Licenses.

The Office 365 integration instructions were updated to reference the following license reclamation information:

  • Office 365 License Reclamation
  • Minimum Permissions Required
  • Reclamation API Endpoint
  • Application Task Tracking

Office 365 License Reclamation

As part of the Reclamation task, only the license that is tracked under the Office 365 application is reclaimed or unassigned. The remaining licenses that are assigned to the user are unaffected.

Minimum Permissions Required

User.ReadWrite.All permissions are required to modify the license assigned to the user.

Reclaiming Office 365 User Licenses

The following steps explain how to reclaim Office 365 user licenses using the SaaS Manager user interface.

To reclaim Office 365 user licenses:

  1. On the left-hand navigation of Flexera One, click SaaS.
  2. On the SaaS Applications menu, click Managed. The Managed Applications screen appears.
  3. For a new Office 365 integration, add the Office 365 application. Refer to Adding an Application. Select the Reclamation integration task from the Add Application screen. Click Authorize, and proceed to step 5.
  4. For an existing Office 365 integration, on the Managed Applications screen, select the appropriate Office 365 instance link. Navigate to the Office 365 Application Details screen and select the Integration tab. In the Action column of the Integration Tasks table, click Disabled to enable the Reclamation integration task. Click Save and proceed to step 6.
  5. To enable license reclamation, navigate to the Office 365 Application Details screen and select the Integration tab. In the Integration Tasks table, select Enabled in the Action column for the Reclamation task.
  6. To reclaim Office 365 licenses, refer to Reclaiming Licenses

Reclamation API Endpoint {id | userPrincipalName}/assignLicense

Application Task Tracking

Reclamation has been added to Office 365 in the Application Task Tracking chart.

For release details, refer to the January 2021 release notes.