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Welcome to Flexera – we’re glad you joined us. With the implementation of a new product comes new processes and tools. Here is a rundown of our recommended practices to ensure your team members have what they need, when they need it.

Get set-up for success

  1. Determine who from your company would benefit from our online training, accessing cases, participating in forums and downloading products.
  2. Invite these employees to join the community. Include the account ID and product ID in your message so they get the correct level of access.
  3. Document who is your product and license center administrator and who are your general users.
  4. If you have a team of employees submitting cases, we recommend you agree upon any standards you have. For instance, some companies will detail what to include in the case, how to title cases, how quickly to respond to tickets and what emails to add as case watchers. Be sure to document the decision.

Train employees: To ensure your team is taking advantage of all offerings, have each member view these brief training items:

Grant Access: Direct employees to request access to the Product and License Center. The PLC admin will receive a notification and need to approve access.

Annual Review

  • Aim to review your access list once a year. This additional step helps you manage access. If you have employees who no longer need access or who have left the company, submit a case.

New Hires

  1. Have them join the community. If you don’t have your account & product IDs handy, you can submit a support case asking that the user be added to your account. (Connecting your account to your organization or the view the video How to update your account)
  2. Have them follow the training steps outlined above.

Outgoing staff

We’ll periodically check with you to ensure we have the right information, but it works best when customers make this part of their onboarding and offboarding procedure.

  • To deactivate a user, please submit a case (or email and provide the email, name and last date of employment for the individual. Our team will take care of the rest.

A note about the PLC admins – every account must have a PLC admin. If your PLC administrator is leaving your company, please include the name and email of the new staffer who will serve as the PLC administrator. We recommend new PLC admins read this brief knowledge base article on using the tool.

Have additional best practices you’ve seen work for your company? Please share them here.

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We are trying to organize roles and responsibilities for our IT Asset Management team, and I am the "official" Flexera admin for our company.  🙂

I believe there are multiple "admins" for our account; seems like our orders and renewals are delivered to someone new each year.  I would like to manage the existing users and make sure new employees get added to the Flexera Community.

  1. How can I get a list of my coworkers that have accounts in the Flexera Community?  
  2. I would like that list to include who "admins" are for our Organization.

Suggestions?  Thanks!

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