Dogwood: Product Release Q3 2019

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Optimize Your Cloud Journey With Actionable Intelligence

Most companies do not have the right information or visibility into their applications to move to the cloud. Successful migrations to cloud require proper planning and analysis to determine the right applications to move, their associated key application dependencies, the right cloud provider, the best pricing model and much more.

Cloud Cost Views

Understanding the business case around cloud is foundational to any modern enterprise technology strategy.  The complex task of predicting the costs of cloud and deciding the destination is about to get simpler.

Users can create customized business cases that include:

  • multiple clouds
  • custom instance choices
  • buying types
  • Predicted resource consumption

This will help build a complete picture of your future in cloud.


Performance Profiles

We analyzed over 200,000 Enterprise Servers. Here's What We found:

  • 21% were idle
  • 2% were zombies
  • Combined, organizations are paying nearly $300 million dollars to just keep them running

The question you should ask yourself is how big is that pie slice in your environment?

Daily we are now tagging servers with their performance profile based on several key metrics collected.

You’ll be able to see where you’re at operational risk from servers performing poorly and where you can find savings by retiring devices.

Executive Summary

Summarize and Illuminate What's Important.

Our new Executive Summary report samples data and visualizations from across the platform to produce a single, presentable, user experience.  Now you can take users on a quick tour of the platform and the value streams it provides by putting the analysis front and center.

The report can be used in conjunction with your own analysis done in the new Cloud Cost Views, Total Cost of Ownership, and the Migration Scorecard.  In this way you can produce customized presentations to send on to any interested executive sponsor.


Path to Success

We are committed to making our customers and users successful by helping them to achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Our new help widget will give users a direct path within the platform to our customer success team. If you have any questions about:
    • how to use a certain report
    • how to accomplish a goal
    • just want to give us some feedback