Cedar: Product Release Q2 2019

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New features designed to get you better data faster.

We're shipping new features to help prioritize migration and modernization opportunities, enrich geolocation details, and streamline the creation of deliverables for stakeholders.

Optimization Scorecard

Modern IT environments have scaled to the extent that human sorting and prioritization techniques are falling short. We put our team to work creating a new scorecard that will take many criteria of an IT estate and your input on the relative importance of those criteria and produce a priority list for whatever decisions you're trying to make.

Especially for solution providers and enterprises planning for cloud migration, they can now create a prioritized migration roadmap/plan in minutes. In addition to cloud migration, this feature will allow users to identify opportunities for containerization.

With the Optimization Scorecard, users can:

  • Identify opportunities for application modernization
  • Prioritize a DR plan based on your most sensitive/critical apps
  • Understand storage consumption for public cloud migration
  • Determine application users to build out SaaS opportunities

Application Summary Exports

We've been listening to our users and understand there's a need for organizations to show increased value to executives. Many users were building business cases and summaries for various stakeholders in their organizations and we wanted to make that easier. Now, with a single click you can download a PowerPoint containing detailed metrics about an application stack.

No more taking screenshots and compiling tables into something that's presentable. No more reliance on formatting or exporting Excel sheets. Just press "Download Summary" and you'll be able to open and edit your PowerPoint directly, the way you want it.


Application Summary Exports will enable:

  • Streamlined availability of deliverables
  • Business case presentations for stakeholders
  • Understanding of high-level application metrics

Stay tuned!

Expansion of this feature is coming later this year. What would you like to see in Application Summary Exports? Submit feedback to our team here.

Reserved Instance Pricing

Many of our users have asked for Reserved Instance pricing to better understand spend in cloud and build business cases. Due to this request, we are adding 1 and 3 year RIs for both AWS and Azure US East region.

Our team is currently heads down on a complete revamp of many of our cloud pricing features, so while this is a small step, it will become a giant leap for our CloudScape module!


Enhanced Geolocation


Geolocation was one of the most popular features in our Balsam release. We received a lot of feedback on how to make it better and we're happy to announce that we have.

Users can easily see all of their geolocated IPs, filter, and find associated flow data with just a few button clicks.