Aspen: Product Release Q4 2018

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aspen-release-heroYou Asked. We Listened.

Our Customers asked for ways to innovate, be more efficient, and further collaborate. With this release, we've taken some of our most requested features and packaged them into our product.

If you are interested in learning more about this release or additional capabilities, please schedule some time with one of our customer success representatives or request a demo.

Let's do more, together.


On-Premise Cost of Ownership

The Issue: Since 2014 we’ve been providing optimized cloud matching to our customers.  Over the last four years, we’ve been asked about the cost to run on-premise and we have traditionally pushed that task back to you. Now, you can let us take care of it.


The Solution:

Customers and partners can now use a set of industry-standard assumptions to estimate what their infrastructure is costing them.

You will know if moving to the cloud will save you money or not.

Application Matching

The Issue: Many of our partners made clear that we had a gap in collecting installed applications, a gap that was often filled by other tools.  Additionally, we wanted to improve our most popular feature of auto-grouping.

The Solution:

How we pull installed applications and determine running processes received a significant overhaul.  You can now understand applications installed across your environment with their version numbers.

Your compliance and application teams will appreciate this improvement.


Be More Efficient

Copy Server Support

The Issue: Through many calls, professional services engagements, and support tickets, we saw customers copy servers between stacks.  They were trying to better model their shared servers, but copying a connection makes it difficult to understand the true dependencies.


The Solution:

We wanted to make it better, so we're excited to announce full support for server copying.  Now, visualizations will not be overloaded with duplicate traffic and you can easily understand where you have shared resources.

Shared services are hard. We’ve made it easier.



The Issue: Getting time on every app owner's calendar is difficult and slows projects down. Our services team said that this is often the most time consuming aspect of projects.

The Solution:

We've added automated walkthroughs to educate those app owners and allow them to review their applications. 

This initial release includes the application review process and a product tour. As we move forward, let's collaborate on creating new walkthroughs. What would you like a guided tour on?

Bring your teams together across departments or across the world.


Read-Only Users

The Issue: Our enterprise customers and partners asked for the capability to invite users as "Read-Only" to bring in more users to collaborate without risking the assessment structure.


The Solution:

We listened and are excited to be shipping this important feature. The value for network, application, security, infrastructure and management teams can now be easily shared.

Share your progress with stakeholders without risking accidental changes to the assessment.