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Application & Process page

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This article will highlight how Customers can seek additional information within the platform by Using the search Application & process page, for example, ‘Java version’. Please follow the following instructions to complete this transaction. 1. ...
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Flex Deploy Pod - Deployment Port Requirements

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Question:What ports are required to connect the RN150 appliance to the Flex Deploy appliance Answer:The RN150 requires port 8080 and 443 for connection to the Flex Deploy appliance. Configuration of the Flex Deploy appliance requires port 8443 traff...
by Flexera RCharette Flexera

Discovery Scan Time

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Question: How long will it take for a Discovery scan to complete? Answer: A Discovery scan take anywhere from a couple of minutes, to a couple of days, or longer in some cases to complete. Completion time will be dependent on the number of subnets, ...
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Discovery Process

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Question: How does the device Discovery process work? Answer: During the Discovery process, the RN150 virtual machine will use ICMP to verify a device is responsive. Once a reply is received, it will then check if WMI, SSH or SNMP ports are open. De...
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