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How to fix df -P issues? I am getting the following as output.[MGMTPROD\func-us-cloudscape@n7intlweb67 ~]$ sudo df -P df: `/secure': Stale file handle Filesystem



NFS is stateless by design, meaning that if a filesystem is mounted on the local system from a remote NFS server, and the NFS server connection goes away, the local system is not notified that the data is no longer available and continues to see the filesystem as mounted. However, since the filesystem has gone away, attempts to access the filesystem results in a "stale file handle" error.To address the issue, the NFS mount on the local system needs to be refreshed. This may require unmounting the filesystem and remounting it, or simply unmounting the filesystem if it is no longer needed. As an example, if the filesystem mounted locally to `/mnt` over NFS from the server `` has become stale, the following will umount and remount the filesystem: umount /mnt, mount -t nfs /mnt 


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