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[Update: Please Use Ideas Portal Beginning December 2020] Have an idea for changing Foundation/CloudScape? The product team wants to hear it

[IMPORTANT UPDATE: 9 December 2020] Great news - Our Flexera customer and partner community now have a direct opportunity to share ideas and participate in future feature planning.   Learn more and add your ideas via the Ideas Portal moving forward. Please note if you have added an idea to this discussion, we will migrate the idea to the new portal and notify you once it's been done. Thank you to everyone for active participation! 


Your feedback is essential to informing product decisions and shaping how foundation/CloudScape and other Flexera solutions will evolve.  We will roll-out Flexera Ideas in December 2020. In the meantime, we still want to hear your suggestions.    

The comments below this article are your spot to offer ideas. Flexera’s product team will regularly review the ideas you post.  The product team primarily is watching for ideas that gain traction among members of the community.  That’s why it’s important for you to both leave your ideas but also support other excellent product ideas you see.   

How it works:    

  1. You’ll need to register with and log in to the community. Click “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner. If you don’t have an account, create one by clicking “Let’s go!’ on the sign in page. Or log in if you already are registered.   
  2. Check if your suggestion already is posted in the comments below. If it is, click the thumbs up to give it a kudo. More likes will increase the visibility and help us prioritize.   
  3. Submit your idea for a product change, if it isn’t there.   

One more thing: You don’t need to mention bug fixes or other issues that Flexera’s Support team could handle.  

You can open a support case by clicking on “Get Support” drop-down menu at the top of the page if you have a maintenance plan.   

Thank you for your help. 

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Hello Flexera,

This is for Hollard South Africa.

We have a deliverable of IAAS Cloud pricing for South Africa region for both Azure and AWS. I do not see the South Africa region(North and West) in the cloudscape portal. Please add the instance sizing and pricing for the mentioned region in cloudscape portal so that we can meet our deliverables at the earliest

1. Need SSO support. ADFS, SAML, something.
2. Can't delete discovered hosts ever.
3. Can't delete discovered subnets from RN150 ever.
4. A single IP cannot be rescanned with RN150. Only CIDR blocks (subnets) can be scanned, so a /0 CIDER must be entered that can never be deleted.
5. Can't modify data collected from RN150 ever.
6. Requires domain admin rights to log data from a Windows DC
7. Need agent based data collection method on roadmap
8. F5 VIPs are discovered as hosts.
9. Need method to scan appliances if privileged / local admin rights are not available.
10. Need method of segregating traffic to databases on a multi-tenant DB server.
11. Assets (servers) cannot be manually added.
12. Need permission granularity. (more than Everything or Read Only)
13. Can't view application stack tags in asset view.
14. Search function is labeled "Column Filter" and is hidden in Ascending / Descending control.
15. Can't save viewable table columns in assets. Must reselect for each new session.
16. Charts and graphs in assets page cannot be removed and always display maximized on each load.
17. Documentation for granular least privilege for WMI and SSH access to OS.
18. Need TLS Web Certificate support on RN150

High priority / customer blockers / time killers

Unhidable ‘Unknown’ in Reports scare sales execs and C-Level executives - There should be a toggle to display or not display ‘Unknown’ in any graphic report, or globally. It is difficult to avoid having to say ‘I don’t know’ when asked what is in there and why it is labeled unknown. This would avoid that conversation. I’ve made custom pie charts based off the numbers to avoid showing unknown manually. There are even different ‘unknown’ values shown, depending on what page in the portal you are on.

Windows Domain Admin requirement sets off alarms with most security teams - Local admin should be a supported scenario, or include instructions on how to configure the WMI repositories so that the information can be obtained with a user that can only do WMI calls and have standard user rights to run the netstat command.

Exports limited to 10k items on Asset page and other pages - The end user ends up trying to figure out how to filter down to an acceptable size and then combine the files afterwards.

Ability to exclude scanning of a list IPs inside the scanned IP range -
Example: Scanning certain servers could cause a production outage or server crash  


Medium priority / discovery optimizations

Ability to enable/disable credential use per subnet - This would reduce discovery scans from 24 hours at some customers potentially in half due to the time it takes for multiple Windows credentials to fail. Many times, certain credentials will be only required for certain subnets. If I could disable the attempted use of ‘CompanyXYZ’ Windows credentials on “CompanyABC” subnets, or disable use of certain modules (WMI, SSH, Database, SNMP) on specific subnets. *Thousands* of Asset Error entries would be eliminated, and it would be easier to digest. This would reduce false alarms on intrusion detection systems, too.
Real world example: ~10 Windows credentials are attempted on every Windows server because there are 10 credentials entered into the appliance. Scoping these to specific subnets would save discovery time and error messages.

“Limited rights” discovery option – gather as much information as possible without sudo access or Windows Domain Admin. A standard user in the SSH module can gather quite a bit of information by default. May convince a customer that was not onboard, to get onboard additional access, after they see how it operates.

If you have ‘Opt-out’ SNMP scans, do not even attempt them - Less errors logged, and less unnecessary probing, potentially over slow links.
Documentation layout on portal is confusing for most customers and implementers - Hard to export information to send to the customer to prep their environment for the product. Need to scrape the webpage and put into a Word or PDF file manually. Allow the HTML pages related to it be downloaded and rendered locally on their system or export to PDF.

Export to Excel is only available in limited spots - In the Reports section, you can export directly to an Excel file. It seems like the same technology could be used to export to Excel instead of CSV on any page. CSVs. The reports page operates completely different than the rest of the portal.
Phase of Discovery does not provide adequate feedback - Show a percentage of the current subnet being scanned on the VM and expose the information that is available from the VM console on the portal. Display how long it has been running and when it started. an average duration per subnet or how long the average scan has been taking.
Ability to disable “RN150 offline” notifications
Ability to opt-out per user of e-mail updates about the appliance - on discovery scans or updated assets or other notifications.
Adding credentials and subnets requires access to RN150 - Usually have to VPN into RDP into the RN150 access inside the environment. This may be on purpose, but subnets are already exposed on the portal. Adding/deleting subnets from the portal would be ideal. Timesaver and reduction in user account creation requests for internal access into the customer’s environment.
Allow labels for the subnets be added to the CSV imported into the RN150 - The usage of “Update Locations” page use would drop quite a bit. Time saved and less prone to error. Timesaver.


Low/nice to have/nit-picking
Use PowerShell remoting instead of WMI – ServiceNow Discovery has a PowerShell option that is very handy when WMI calls are failing on certain servers.
Never modify the hostname – Sometimes “Orphaned –“ and “RISCdecom” are appended to the hostname in exports. Ideally, these would be their own field and not something that mangles the hostname.
Licensing page should have the same filters as the Assets page - Some Asset strings would be useful to filter for licensing purposes.
Allow licensing to be included as a field in the Stack management or Tag management, or create a dedicated import page - It is much easier to license in bulk if it could be done in Excel.
Expose or track when a server was licensed as a field or premade tag - This would help billing and management and should be an easy win.
Save the state of expanded and hidden graphs on the portal pages – on the backend or as a cookie. I go to the asset page every day and I am always hiding graphs every time. It would reduce the backend server load too because the statistics wouldn’t have to be queried if the graph is going to be hidden. It can take a long time to render when people just need access to the Asset listing – “Your assets at a glance” and “Statistics” are an instant hide every time. This is almost implemented already with the ‘Save or Load View” functionality – allow a default to be saved. If this is available already, it isn’t obvious how to do.
No ability to remove subnets/assets once entered 
Enable SSH Compression for less bandwidth usage – if using openssh, it is “-C” on the command line. May already be enabled. May be overkill

“RISCdecom –“ and “RISCdecom-“, without the space, used in certain exported fields – Search/Replace easier if it is consistent in use inside exports. Very nit-picky.

Allow 'Validate' to test SSH module auth during setup before a successful SSH test has occurred

Ability to lookup 3 letter 'authentication' text to see which set of credentials they were, in the portal. Helpful for debugging the Asset Errors.


[IMPORTANT UPDATE: 9 December 2020] Great news - Our Flexera customer and partner community now have a direct opportunity to share ideas and participate in future feature planning.   Learn more and add your ideas via the Ideas Portal moving forward. Please note if you have added an idea to this discussion, we will migrate the idea to the new portal and notify you once it's been done. Thank you to everyone for active participation! 

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