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Repost from e-mail - NetApp stale NFS 'df' failures

There are a group of large SAP HANA RHEL systems that are triggering a 'hard failure' on assessment when I suspect that marking this particular error as a soft failure instead of a hard failure, would allow them to complete the assessment.
Unfortunately, it is a combination of a kernel limitation in the older versions of RHEL combined with using NetApp snapshots.
Without marking this as a soft failure, they get marked as 'Virtual-unknown' instead of 'Virtual-Generic Server'
Is there a way for CS to detect this and continue on, or is the behavior not going to change?

"Failed the command 'df -P': df: ‘/opt/customer/openhubintl/.snapshot/hourly.2020-10-04_2305’: Stale file handle df: ‘/opt/customer/openhubintl/.snapshot/hourly.2020-08-31_2105â"

The related RedHat article about it - workarounds aren't working.


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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran


Thank you for your request. The team reviewed this and recommended submitting this as a feature request.

You can submit a feature request at the below link:

Thank you!


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