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Re-using Cloudscape on-prem installation for re-run with fresh licences


We have an On-premise installation of the RN150 and FlexDeploy appliances 

We have 19 continuous licences ( expiring soon) and 

1950 burst licences ( used ) 

My question to you is,
1. Can we purchase 2000 new burst licences and re-use these on the existing RN150/Flex Deploy appliances ? 

2. Would we lose all historic data that was collected as part of the initial exercise ? 

3. Is there a method to back up the discovery data we currently have ( We are looking to compare the new data against the old ) ? 




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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Hi MurariEQL,


Thank you for the detailed questions. Yes, you would need to make sure the subscription gets extended if your few CCLs are about to expire. You can purchase an additional series of CCL/Burst licensing and attach those licenses to devices within that environment. If you are attempting to scan a new environment the RN150 and FDP do not have access to, you would need to redeploy.


You would not lose historic data if this subscription is extended and the same appliances are used.


As the Flex Deploy appliance is for on premise only customers, we cannot back it up or store it in our cloud. Your team would need to make a backup image of the FDP within your virtual environment.


Please let me know if the above does not fully answer your questions.


Brooks Wallace

Flexera Support Team