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Focus Areas

Maintain your success

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Maintain setup checklist Adopt the practice of search > ask > create support tickets Create staffing processes for an annual review of access and case portal adoption Subscribe to the System Status Dashboard Maintain your success Your te...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Improve results with each release

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Improve setup checklist Develop practices for how you will review and share with your team Subscribe to your capability and product release blogs Subscribe to learning labs and webinar updates Read the documentation for instructions on how to u...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Shape product improvements

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Shape setup checklist Sign up for the Feedback and Usability Pool Look for early access and ideas information in December 2020 Shape product improvements Join our Feedback and Usability Pool. We periodically look at our community users to p...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Grow your teams' skills

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Grow setup checklist Subscribe to our Learning Labs and Webinars blog View the "Getting Started with" Learning Center series for your capabilities and products Help educate others by participating Grow your teams' skills We help you educat...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

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