Improve results with each release

Improve results with each release

Improve setup checklist

  • Develop practices for how you will review and share with your team
  • Subscribe to your capability and product release blogs
  • Subscribe to learning labs and webinar updates 
  • Read the documentation for instructions on how to use new features and functionality
  • Briefly review partner and services offerings for future reference

Improve results with each release 

Our Product and Engineering teams regularly ship out new features and functionality. It's best practice to review new features as they come out, share them with your team and understand how/what impacts your organization. 

We help you upgrade your environment. 

Develop your approach

The best time to plan your approach to upgrades is now. By having stakeholders identified, standards defined and vetting questions ready, you set your team up to assess and act quickly when new features and formats arrive. Read on for our recommended best practices [article forthcoming]

Stay in the know

The easiest way to track when releases occur and what they cover is to subscribe to our releases blogs. With each release, our team shares an overview via the blog post and links to the key documentation sections for in-depth instructions. Note: We highly recommend all IT Visibility users also subscribe to the content release blog to stay informed of Technopedia additions.

Implement new features

This section is for once you've reviewed what's in a release and decide what to pursue.

For SaaS: The functionality is immediately available for you to use. Follow the upgrade and release plan you developed in step one. 

For on-premises: Follow the upgrade and release plan you developed in step one. Download the new release via our Product and Licence Center. If desired, you can contract with a partner or our services team.

You'll have resources to help you navigate, including our robust technical documentation, how-to videos from our Product and Engineering teams, and forums to share out and ask for best practices. For larger releases, we host webinars. Subscribe to our Learning Labs and Webinars blogs to receive updates.

Get support

Finally, you may find you need expert support. We recommend searching first to see if others have similar issues or our resources address your question. If you don’t find your answer, consider posting the issue as a question. Questions get a reply from community users and Flexera admins within 24 hours, on average. Otherwise, submit a support ticket.  

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