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[ABUSE] By: sofiya567 / Board: InstallShield-Discussion (67170)

Looks like marketing content

Link to post: (Re: Adding ComboBox in SelectionTree)
by sofiya567

<p><span>A&nbsp;</span><em>wire transfer</em><span>&nbsp;is an electronic&nbsp;</span><em>transfer</em><span>&nbsp;of&nbsp;</span><em>money</em><span>. A traditional&nbsp;</span><em>wire transfer</em><span>&nbsp;goes from one&nbsp;</span><em>bank</em><span>&nbsp;or credit union to another using a network such as SWIFT or Fedwire. But the term&nbsp;</span><em>wire transfer</em><span>&nbsp;gets used for other types of&nbsp;</span><em>transfers</em><span>&nbsp;as well, so clarify the requirements if somebody asks for a&nbsp;</span><em>wire transfer</em><span>.</span></p><p><span><a title="" href="" target="_self"></a>&nbsp;</span></p>

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