Flexera One


In my conversations over the past few years with IT leaders like you, one consistent message has come through loud and clear. The increasing complexity of hybrid IT environments is presenting ever-greater challenges to IT infrastructures and the executives who manage them.

Addressing your rapidly expanding needs

A decade ago—heck, even just 5 years ago—it was sufficient for Flexera to focus exclusively on your desktop and datacenter applications from vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, IBM and SAP. In just a few short years, our discussions with you shifted to how we can help you optimize your usage and spend with SaaS applications such as Salesforce.com, Workday and others. Furthermore, in what can only be described as an explosion of spend, you quickly and rightfully demanded visibility and capabilities to manage and contain your investments in AWS, Azure, Google and Alibaba platforms. As you know, we have been busy acquiring capabilities to help you with all of the above. However, up until now, we haven’t been able to provide you with a single platform that pulls of all your technology data together, compares it to your contractual entitlements, and gives you a unified view of usage, spend, risk and optimization possibilities.

I’m pleased and excited to announce the availability of Flexera One, a SaaS solution designed with and for customers with highly complex hybrid environments like yours. While you still have the opportunity to focus on a single capability with the platform (e.g., software asset management, enriching your IT asset data with security and EOL intelligence, cloud cost optimization), Flexera One also presents exciting opportunities that allow you to optimize the value of your technology across software, SaaS and cloud. If you’re like me and believe that on-premises apps aren’t going anywhere and that cloud usage will continue to grow dramatically, then you probably also agree that having separate tools or solutions to manage desktop, datacenter, SaaS and cloud doesn’t make sense. After all, Microsoft, Oracle and others are going to negotiate a single enterprise license agreement with you and, as a result, you’ll require a single solution to discover, normalize and optimize hardware, software and services running across your complex hybrid environment.

What’s next for you

Many customers of our cloud (SaaS) applications are already running in Flexera One, and we’ve been in touch with you about the transition. There’s simply too much to unpack in an email so I encourage to you to please visit our Community FAQ to learn more. Our on-premises customers can depend on continued innovation, enhancements and support for their solutions, as well as the option to combine their existing capabilities with those of Flexera One.

If you want to “geek out” with technology

  • Flexera One is built on a cloud-native platform that is architected from the ground up on a plethora of microservices that will allow us to deliver capabilities faster. The performance improvements associated with our microservices architecture (for example, license reconciliation processing time) will be substantial.
  • Flexera One is an open architecture with a multitude of APIs, making it easy to share data so you can enhance your investments in ServiceNow, BMC, Apptio, Cherwell and others.
  • Speaking of data, our IT Visibility application will offer business service mapping as an option in Q1 of 2021 enabling you to view resources and spend for the applications that run your business.
  • We’re providing unprecedented visibility into your IT estate with unified data discovery, inventory and normalization from sources like SCCM, BMC Discovery, Tanium and others.
  • You’ll notice an improved user experience, with an enhanced user interface, a modern navigation and other innovative capabilities. While SSO integration may require just a little bit of work to reconfigure your SAML 2.0 identity provider, we believe it will be worth it.
  • All of us at Flexera look forward to bringing you more ways to inform your IT so you can transform your IT.

    We thank you for being a customer.

    Best regards,
    Jim Ryan

    Posted October 27, 2020