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What happened to Right Click open in new tab/window ?

In old Flexera you could select a top level menu item, e.g. 'all licenses' and choose to open the url in a new tab/window.  I used to find this feature very useful, as I normally have 2 or 3 tabs open simultaneously.


With Flexera One the option from the left hand side main menu is no longer available.   Is this something that we can have back ?

I can work around it by pasting the url into New Tabs or Windows, but that is not a great user experience.

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Lorrayne,

This is not available at present. My approach is to open "All Licenses" and then right-click on a hyper-link to open that in a new tab - this works if you want to have a number of licenses available in different tabs. 


Bob Miller


Hi Bob,

I appreciate there are a number of ways to open another tab,  and you give me hope in that you say not available at present, does that mean we will be getting top level menu right click new tab/window back again ?

This is about User Experience, pretty much every day I log into Flexera and as a starting point would open 3 tabs, UX was 3 clicks and I was set up for the day.   Now I know that clicks are not physically intense, it's just a niggle that I could be set up for the day in 3 clicks and now it takes 6 clicks and 2 load screens as the newly launched tab is not on screen I want it to be.  Not horrendous, just feels like a backwards step for Flexera One in UX.

Cheers - Lorrayne 


Hi Lorrayne,

There will be a number of changes in the UI/UX as the solution continues to evolve and offer more value. If possible, in Community, we have a section for 'Ideas' - your requirement would be good to add there, as it will raise this to our development people.

This may not apply, but it did spring to mind - we use a Single-Sign On solution (SSO) that allows me to open commonly used applications as soon as I sign-in. For me I open 4 apps, but it may be possible (if you have something similar) to configure the 3 sessions you need to automatically open when you login? just a thought.


Here is the idea for right click open new tab: