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Veritas Enterprise Vault Multiple Applications


I am seeing lots of machines that are showing duplicate installations of Veritas Enterprise Vault. Some of them don't show a version number, but instead show the version as unspecified. I'm unsure as to how this is happening as the installer & file evidence only points to one version that is installed. Any ideas?

Veritas Applications.png

Veritas Installer Evidence.png

Veritas File Evidence.png



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Based on the screen shots I assume it's the 'Veritas Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in' that you're investigating. For one of the devices where you see both the 'Unspecified' version and version 12 installed, did you check its Evidence tab to investigate what causes both to appear as recognized applications?


Hello, It is everything relating to Enterprise Vault as per my first message. The first screen shot I provided is what is showing installed on a device on the Applications tab relating to Enterprise Vault applications. The second and third screen shots are from installer evidence and file evidence on the same device. That is my question, why am I seeing multiple applications when the installer evidence only points to Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In V12? The only difference I can see is two of the applications are showing the classification as components with Enterprise Vault Unspecified Version showing the classification as commercial. I've attached a screen shot from installed apps on this device. Is there perhaps something wrong with the recognition?



The installer evidence from both SCCM and FlexNet inventory clearly both results in the version specific component found to be installed.

I have investigated the two 'Unspecified' versions and for both I find that SWIDTAG files can trigger them to be found:



Anyway, you should be able to qualify this from the Evidence File tab for the device where you see all three applications.


Ah ha I didn't spot that. The file evidence for the SWIDTAG doesn't have a publisher specified and the raw name contains Symantec, not Veritas which is why I didn't see it. Least that answers my main question, so thank you.