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'Unknown Domain ' in Domian name - Source SMS

Hello Forum !!

As we know , All IT Asset Users  are imported from inventory sources like O365,Agent, SMS and AD import.

In our customer account we are having all 2.5k users whose domain name is shown as Unknown Domain and these users source is SMS.

Could you please help in understanding how can I reduce these users import .And from where I should start ?

As directly deleted these users from WebUI will create again by next import 🙁.

Does anyone have noticed it before ?


Reshma B

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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran
You would need to delete the users from the user_disc table in the SCCM database. This will cause the adapter to no longer find the users and they will be deleted during the subsequent import.

SCCM is connected to Azure AD  from there these users are importing and we tried to disconnect Azure AD in SCCM, however those users are not getting deleted 😐.


Did you confirm that the users disappeared from the user_disc table in the SCCM database after you disabled the Azure AD - SCCM connection as per Tim's advice?