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Unable to Display Chinese software

It seems that FlexeraOne unable to show up Chinese software...because after installing, even we can see related information in .NDI and display name in control panel -> apps, but FlexeraOne unable to show software in Chinese.


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@ericchenns - Do you mean that Flexera is not showing these as Installed Software, or you don't even see it listed as raw data?

If you go to the Evidence tab of the computer, do you see the raw evidence listed in Chinese?

If yes, and the Recognized Application column is blank, it means that Flexera is not recognizing the evidence.  You will likely need to submit a Support Ticket so that the unrecognized evidence in Chinese is added to the Flexera Recognition Library.

Thanks, will submit a support ticket soon.

You can change Notepad's display font using Format → Font. My computer has three fonts with Chinese characters, MingLiU, MS Hei, and MS Song, maybe your computer has them too. I noted that Times New Roman works for me.