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Tracking Non-User Based Consumption for SaaS Applications

Tracking Non-User Based Consumption for SaaS Applications.

All the current integration with SaaS Application sis focused on tracking usage based on user roster and last logon date.  What can be done to track non-user based licensing requiring a CSV import?  We understand we can create a custom license metric, but how can we associate the custom license metric to consumption?  Also, what if the license agreement is a combination of two metrics:  one for user-based and the other for non-user based.  Example: one SaaS application has to track a ceiling on users and at the same time the number of SKUs being accessed.  Any advice would be helpful.

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Hi @BoPuck22611 great question!

It is possible to track non-user/consumption based SaaS applications within SaaS Manager. At present we can achieved this using the Data Ingestion Utility (DIU) which allows data to be ingested from either a CSV file and/or a REST API.

At a high level the workflow is as follows:

  1. Add the managed application to SaaS Manager - if the application is not currently within the direct or indirect catalogue, please raise a support ticket and it can be added for you.
  2. Once the application is added you can then use the DIU to ingest data from a CSV or REST API data source.
  3. This will then add a 'Consumption' tab to the managed application. An example of the UI is shown below.

It is also possible to track user and non-user based metrics for the same managed application. If you have the ServiceNow managed application configured, you can see an example of this where a consumption tab is shown alongside the user based licensing views.