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Something strange happening with inventory from Flexera agents


Bit of a strange one and I wondered if anyone else has seen this before. I'm really at a loss as to what is happening. The primary inventory source for our servers is the Flexera agent. We also have SCCM deployed to our servers so a feed comes from there too. I have just noticed in All Inventory that we have approx. 45 servers where FlexNet Manager Suite is the primary inventory source but the primary inventory date is mostly between May and October 2023. It is as if the agents have just stopped working, and the last inventory source is showing as SMS with a last inventory date much more recently. Has anyone else experienced this where the agent just stopped working? Strangely enough, I'm also seeing a small number of servers where the primary inventory source and primary inventory date fields are both empty, the last inventory source is SMS, but when I look at the applications on the servers, I can see the Flexera Inventory Agent 2023 R2 is installed. Furthermore when I look at the evidence on one server as an example, the Flexera agent is showing as collecting some evidence in May 2023. As a result of this, because the Flexera agent is no longer working and updating the inventory it collected in May 2023 it is reporting versions of applications that are no longer installed. See attached screen shot as an example. This is causing us great concern and we are worried if there are other servers that are also effected. Is there such report available (out of the box) that shows where the the Flexera agent is deployed and when it last sent inventory? I can't really rely on the All Inventory due to what I mentioned regarding empty fields.

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I think that the "FlexNet Inventory Agent Status" and the "All Inventory' views with some filters applied will provide the insight needed to check the agent health.


Thank you for your response. The suggested views only advise when the agent last reported. It doesn't report on the health as such. If we have machines where the agent hasn't reported, we have to manually log onto each machine, export the logs, and read each one to find out why they have stopped reporting.