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SAAS Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We have integrated

But we have another instance that uses URL, which isalesforce marketing cloud. 

There seems to be no documentation related to this. 

Do we integrate this with the existing salesforce SAAS integration? 

Or is there another integration that is required, e.g. the non-integrated method. 

We are having issues here, and wanted some advise from someone who has already done this. 

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John ( @SaaSManager ) and @nkulkarni  - would you all be able to help? 

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SaaS Manager currently supports direct integrations to Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Sandox. We are planning to introduce support for Salesforce Marketing Cloud later this year.  Btw, a standard integration for Salesforce Marketing cloud has already been raised in our Ideas portal:  Please add your vote and maybe we can get this moved forward.


Great Thanks.