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Query on credential for Agent install for adoption

Hi All,

I have 2 queries:

1. Does Flexera support the usage for GMS service account? in this link it talks about a feature request but doesnt look like its still made available. Solved: Using gMSA account for the FNMS service sccount - Community (

2. When we are using adoption method to deploy the agent remotely. it will utilize the credentials stored in password manager. Once the agent is successfully installed, do we still need those credentials? We have a challenge where the team is not ready to provide service account with higher previlege.

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

That's right, support for using a group Managed Service Account (gMSA) is not available at this time. The following Idea that is tracking an enhancement related to this: ITAMFNMS-I-10: Microsoft GMSA (Group Managed Service Accounts) for FNMS/FlexeraONE ITAM. Please vote and add a comment on the idea to describe how it would benefit you if it would be useful.

Credentials used for remote execution operations (such as adoption) do not need to be kept configured in the password management once you stop using that function in the system. The credentials are only used when a remote execution operation is actually performed.

Alternatively, if using the remote execution function is undesirable, you could consider installing the agent using whatever mechanisms are normally used in your organization for deploying software. Using existing mechanisms in place for software deployment are often preferred to using a new and specialized mechanism such as the remote execution approach built in to FlexNet Manager Suite/Flexera One ITAM.

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