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Oracle vMWare VCenter 6.0 and Higher

In my research I noticed that Oracle on my vMWare instances they are consuming at the host level and per the documentation with Flexera this is as the tool is designed. However there is a note in the list that states to reach out Flexera Professional Services. 

How have other organizations handled these and has Flexera Professional Services help this out? Is there a way to have the VCenter consume the licenses since we use VCenter 6.0+.

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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion
Do you mean vSphere instead of IBM websphere?
IBM websphere we license by PVU and meassure with ilmt, but fnms has also support ootb for PVU.

I think there exist reports for different vcenter version, but not sure. Default oracle is that you need to license all vcenters in your environment on todays supported vcenter versions. That would be very costly for most companies. Either you take the oracle fight, negotiate vmware terms or move to the cloud with a different metric

Yes apologies for the typo...I was referring to VCenter. I agree on how to license and we need to license at the vCenter. I would like the consumption to show it but not sure where to start. 

Screenshot attached from the Oracle guide provided by Flexera. 

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You may be referring here to how Oracle Processor license consumption is calculated at the cluster level, not across all servers managed by one vCenter (for vSphere 5.1 and later), or across all servers managed by any vCenter (for vSphere 6.0 and later).

If this is what you're talking about and it is an interesting scenario to you, I would encourage you to add your vote on the following idea which is related to adding support for this scenario: ITAM-I-3: Oracle vSphere enhancements.

To date, this idea has not received many votes. I don't know why, but one reason for this may be that it is relatively rare to use software licensed on a Oracle Processor basis on VMware infrastructure due to the high license costs and/or license compliance risks that can potentially arise.

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@dopoku - I am attaching an example of the Oracle Consumption Summary by Partitioning Summary report.  For Oracle Processor licenses, it calculates Oracle Processor consumption at the following levels, depending on what has been negotiated in your Oracle Agreement:
1 - At the ESX Host Level
2 - At the VMware Cluster Level (this is the logic used in the Oracle Processor licenses that you see
3 - At the vCenter Server Level
4 - Across all of your vCenters

It also calculates your Incremental License cost at each of these different levels