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Oracle Option not recognized

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Hello everybody.

I detect a behavior on the part of Flexera that I do not understand about the detection and use of some Oracle Option of 2 databases installed on my farm with the Real Aplication Cluster 19.c

The RAC Option is detected both as installed and as used but other options instead they are not detected.
The analyzes carried out with the Data Base Administrators show that both the Tuning Pack and the Diagnostic Pack are installed but are not detected by Flexera One.
The Oracle version is 19c Enterprise.
Can anyone clarify this behavior?




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I did not understand why but now it seems that the options are detected. Thanks



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As a starting point for troubleshooting this, you could inspect the ndtrack component's tracker.log file that is generated when gathering inventory. This log will likely contain fairly detailed tracing showing information about what Oracle Database options are found during the inventory gathering, and possibly give more insight into the behavior.

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I did not understand why but now it seems that the options are detected. Thanks



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Do you have any idea why it started reporting? Is it a timing issue for gathering enough data?