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Oracle Java file evidence - not sure if it is accurate



I'm running through some reports following a clean-up of Oracle Java, i noticed a device evidences showin two differing results from agents Altiris and Flexera, which are installed on this server.

The Java was removed, but the Evidence still showing, is this meant to clean-up after the removal??




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Hi Kirk,


So i am using the Flexera - out of the box connector for Altiris, from what i know


I have just checked, for this server, no File Evidence from Altiris contains a Raw File Path

Checked another altiris agent only server, file path is all empty.

Is it therefore same to assume the Flexera Altiris collector does not collect file path??


I can ask for a check for EXE files on the servers, but to me there is almost certainly an issue with the connector, please can you confirm if the Out of the Box Altiris connect SHOULD in fact bring in File Path




I took a look at the queries used to retrieve data from Altiris. The logic related to file paths is somewhat complex, but from what I can see it does not look like the path details of each installed file are imported from Altiris.

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Hi Kirk,


Please see SQL i use to run against Altiris to get EXE and file path


SELECT iifd.[_id]

FROM [Symantec_CMDB].[dbo].[Inv_Installed_File_Details] iifd

where iifd._ResourceGuid like 'E70C5C15-96F6-44E3-AB6B-D126E4ED6F78' and like '%ja%'


results in attached screenshot

@cartejam - In your Inventory Settings for the Flexera Agent, have you set up any rules to Include or Exclude any specific folders?  On those inventory devices in question, the JAVA.EXE files may be discovered by Altiris, but they are in a specific folder that the Flexera Agent is not scanning.

Hi Kirk, here is set in the inventory settings


factory default i think


we still see difference between altiris and flexera for this, currently we are treating all as exception error in inventory and having to manually check all of the ones found. This is not great of course as this takes time.

@cartejam - I am looking at your screen shot from your original post.  I can see that on this specific server, the Inventory Date from the Flexera Agent is October 22, 2021 - but the Inventory Date from the Altiris Agent is January 2, 2022.  This is a difference in time of 10 weeks, which could also explain why there is a difference in inventory between the 2 agents.