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Managing licenses from application in kubernetes/openshift (CLOUD)


If i have applications running in kubernetes/openshift (on CLOUD), Can Flexera identify and manage these licenses?

Is it necessary another agent or Flexera gets automatically all data from CLOUD  API connections?


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Flexera includes the capabilities to leverage the IBM License Service to collect and track sub-capacity consumption for IBM PVU and IBM VPC licenses of IBM Cloud Paks and other products in those environments, please refer to IBM Container Licensing 

It requires that you deploy one of the Kubernetes inventory agents, please refer to Download Flexera Kubernetes Inventory Agent on how to get started deploying them.


I want manage 5G licenses (CNF).

Are there any use cases like that?

Basically, we are talking about containers in kubernetes, licensed by vCPU.


The Flexera inventory and Kubernetes inventory agents will collect hardware and software inventory, and therefore you will be able to collect the vCPU metric. However, you will have to investigate whether the software inventory includes the required footprints to detect the licensable software.

Please be aware that ITAM/FNMS doesn't include the software running in Kubernetes containers in its reconciliation process yet so you may have to manually calculate the license position (provided that the relevant information can be collected).