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How to get logs from cloud workflow


I have created a policy with escalation.

In the automation/escalation policies we have 3 actions that we can take.

One of them is the “cloud workflow”.

How can I see the logs from the cloud workflow to debug my code?

Thank you


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You can begin looking at Incident -> Action Log -> cloud_workflow status:


As can be seen from the code snippet above, if status is "failed", API response for the incident will contain error information.


Hi John,

I can't see the part "Text" in the cloud_workflow status.


Do I need to do something in the code/configuration to enable it?


Right now, there's no easy way to get to this through the UI so the Chrome (on Windows) Inspect functionality was used to see the details shown in above screen shot. I'm sorry about not stating that earlier...

Please email me, if you need further guidance.