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How to check imported PO's in Dashboard?

Hi Community!

There is one issue or concern facing by a customer.

They imported the PO and process them.

Now they wanted to see all the process items details in Dashboard.

How they do that?

Awaiting your kind responses.


Rahul Ranjan

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Under Procurement is a Processed Purchases page to view all of your processed purchases. There are also  Unprocessed Purchases and All Purchases pages. 

@tjohnson1 , How to check imported PO data details in Dashboard whether it is functioning properly or not?

What the customer needs to know that, Is it possible to see the details of processed PO data in the "Dashboard" ? 

As per my knowledge, whenever we processed the imported PO data, it should be reflecting on Dashboard.

But in customer case, the data is not showing. How i rectify this issue?

Let me know

Awaiting your kind response


Rahul Ranjan

Which Dashboard are you looking at? As a first step, do the imported purchases appear on the All Purchase page?