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How Good is F1 ITAR compared to Flexera on Premises App Broker

Recently, I have got a chance to configure the ITAR for one of my client. While configuring I felt it was easy to deploy the proxy app and create the workflows in ServiceNow.

The Challenge was the logic and the Design of the integration. Like workflows seems to be using the Username tagged to the device name( assigned User) in CMDB. Also the iteration of the loop for the software to be deployed. Likewise I have felt many such small small disagreements. Did any one else felt the same or is it me?



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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran


IT Asset Requests is built from scratch with different technology stack and architecture in comparison with App Broker on-prem. Due to this there might not be one to one mapping in terms of implementation/approach in spite the feature outcome is same. However, we are trying to adopt the high value features from App Broker on-prem – which adds immediate value to the customers.