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Flexera One Basic architecture for SAM Project

Hi all

I'm new in Flexera One, since I always used Flexnet Manager on premise in previous projects.

What I need now for a new customer is an help on a basic architecture, meaning that usually in premise we have one machine with the Main FNMS Sever and another machine with the SQLServer.

I have no idea of a basic architecture for a simple SAM project in Flexera One (we need to collect Microsoft licenses).

Do any of you have any presentation or documentation that can be share with a clear whole picture?

Thank you

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@marcog - Everything between the beacon and the customer's infrastructure is the same.  Beacon's connect to SCCM and Active Directory, installed agents upload inventory to Beacon, etc.

The beacon is where the architecture is different.  Instead of uploading data to an internal FNMS Server, the Beacon uploads to Flexera One over the internet using HTTPS and TLS 1.2

Attached is a high-level architecture diagram.

Thank you kclausen!

if I'm understanding well, Flexera one is provided only in Saas, right?
Is there any Paas version?

Where can I take new beacon installables files?

Flexera One is only delivered as SaaS.  Beacon and Agent installers are downloaded from the User Interface, exactly the same as FNMS On-Premises.