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FSM Never Login User activity meaning

Can someone please explain the concept of of never active in FSM?

I understand it means the user has never logged on to saas application, but what i need to understand is how old data would saas manager bring in for a saas application.

If a user previously looged in to saas application but has not used a user from past three years, and is still assigned a role in my saas application so will FSm show it as inactive user and giving the last used date or will it show as never active?


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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Rohitkat,

If the user is marked as Never Active, there is no activity coming into SaaS Manager for that user, within the pre-defined period.

The user should come from the HR Roster integration, and any activity would be matched to that user. Are you looking for user activity that is coming from an application with an API-based integration, or activity coming via your SSO? This may make a difference.

Hello Rmiller,

I am looking for a user information coming in from my direct integration.
Lets day i am using service from last 5 years and there is one user in service now who logged in service now in the first year but has not logged in from last 4 years, but he still have an account in service.
And i have implemented fsm kn my organization in the last year only.
Now what would be the user activity status??

Also now clarify, if that user is present in hr roster of coming in from my sso integration how will this make a difference.

Is it possible that i have some set if data coming in from sso and some set of data from direct integration, for one application??