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ELI5 - Deploying Flex Agent via Intune

Hi everyone, 

I know this is a really basic thing, but we're unable to get the Flexera Agent deploying via Intune.

Does anyone have any step by step guide on packaging the Flexera agent, configuring the bootstrap and CMD/batch file text to use?

Again, i know its really simple. But for the life of me I can't figure out where I am going wrong. 

Any help would be awesome.

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Information about deploying the FlexNet inventory agent on Windows and Unix-like operating systems can be found the Gathering FlexNet Inventory guide here: Agent Third-Party Deployment: Implementation 

I don’t know have any experience deploying software using Intune, but I expect you would put the agent install package files into Intune somewhere and have it run the install. Here is another thread which may be helpful: Agent deployment via Microsoft Intune 


You can refer below link for MSI package creation & deployment with Microsoft intune.