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Duplicate inventory devices from Azure in Flexera One

We've started using Virtual Citrix desktops in Azure which is creating issues with duplicate inventory devices. Looks like this is happens every time a VM is restarted it keeps the same inventory device name but gets a different serial number and/or IP address. I understand that Flexera expect the serial numbers to match in order to merge records but thats not how these cloud environments are working and it adds another manual work-around into the mix.

I've done some digging in the community and help pages but have yet to find a solution to this. Originally I thought that adding the Azure connector would resolve this issue but it looks like it won't be able to tell that an instance has kept the same device name but changed serial number because as far as Azure is concerned the asset hasn't been terminated or closed.

The other potential solutions I found required on-prem to implement so are a non-starter.

Does anyone have a solution to this which works in Flexera One?


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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hi @AndyTyson 

I end up built a business adapter to ignore inventory device if has duplicated VM name. Only keep the most recent by inventory date.  

Is your Citrix environment is Citrix Cloud ?  FNMS has Citrix Cloud adapter release in 2023 , but I don't know it helps on this scenario or not (haven't had chance to investigate that yet).