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Core consumed by IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer Deployment Entry

Hi Experts,

I was looking for the core being consumed by an application "ILOG CPLEX Optimized Deployment Entry" as i got to know that it has been restricted to only 4 cores . However the physical core of the machine is 16 or so. Is there any way to validate or check the core consumed by any application or program in Flexera One

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@mfranz - Do you have any insight on this?

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

IBM is not exactly my field of expertise.

To see an installation consume anything, you'll have to have a License with the proper Applications and Use rights & rules set up. Then, after a Reconcile, you should be able to see consumption in the License in the Consumption tab. That is all assuming that this Application can be properly recognized from inventory.


How did you create the license in Flexera One, i.e., which IBM SKU did you process to create the license?

I did a quick test with one of the IBM SKUs available for ILOG CPLEX Optimizer and this is the list of applications mapped to it, didn't you get a similar outcome?


And then as recommend above you should be able to see the consumption in the Consumption tab after an inventory and reconcile has been executed...


Thanks @JohnSorensenDK for putting this, I understand that by creating license and linking with application will provide me the consumption information. However this will only give the machines where application has been installed and license is being consumed,

We are looking for the details of core being consumed by the application.

I will try to see if we get this details under consumption

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