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Business Adapter import using ComplianceComputerID matching

Hi, is it possible to match devices based on ComplianceComputerID (the legacy method) in Flexera One when updating Computer records. This works on-prem instead despite it not being the recommended method.

In System Task - Business import I get the error. I just want to confirm this is the case:

"Import failed. Error: Property type 'compliancecomputerid' is not supported in object type 'Computer'."
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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Unfortunately I don't think matching on a ComplianceComputerID value is possible in a business adapter with Flexera One ITAM.

I can think of scenarios where this would be useful though, so if you have such a scenario I would encourage you to log an idea in Flexera Ideas in order for people to vote on it so that the level of interest can be determined.

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@anttimustonen There is actually already an idea for this which has gathered a significant amount of votes. I would suggest voting for this and adding a comment of your support rather than creating another idea.

FNMS-I-161 - Business Adapter Studio: Expose Object IDs