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Business Adapter Studio Connection - Azure SQL PaaS (Authentication Inquiry)

Hello Flexera Community Members!

We are trying to find out if the Business Adapter Studio can connect to a source connection hosted in Azure using either the Service Principal Name (SPN) or a generated access token for authentication?

The goal is to import various business data sources into a staging database hosted in Azure SQL, have the data normalized, and then import the data from the staging database into Flexera One.

However, the InfoSec team requires multi-factor authentication for accounts (including functional ids) accessing Azure Resources, which is not ideal in this scenario.


(4) Replies

Yes, you can use Service Principal Name (SPN). for Azure Adaptor connection. You may refer below doc

I am aware that you can use the Service Principal Name (SPN) for Azure Adapter connection.

I need to know if this can also be used in a Business Adapter.

Unfortunately this isn't possible today. You CAN use PowerShell (or other similar methods) to pull the data to save as a flat file or push into another local DB which the Business Adapter Studio can connect to.

I would add that as an IDEA. If you do - please link it here as I think this would be a great addition to our tool as more and more are moving their workloads off of local resources and leveraging more modern authentication methods.

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the reply.

I submitted the IDEA (FXONE-I-453) per your recommendation.