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Bulk Ignore devices from a CVS or excel list

 I need to bulk - remove link and ignore  840 devices.

This is very tedious manually.

Is there a way to upload a cvs or excel file of these devi es  to select in Flexera and accomplish this in one shot for all 840 devices ? 


once for Remove Link and once for Ignore ?

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer
If they are linked to assets you can use a business adapter to change the status of the linked asset to Retired or Disposed. This will change the status of the linked inventory to ignored.

For devices not linked to assets, a business adapter can be used to change the status to ignored.

What are business adapters and how do I apply them?

Here is the documentation on creating/using Business Adapters:

You would be interacting with Assets ( or Computers ( depending on if the device is linked to an asset.

Thank you ! I will try these solutions out.