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Azure client credentials integration in Flexera One SaaS

I have a question regarding the data that is imported into Flexera One via the Azure Client Credentials connection.

In the documentation it says the following is imported:2023-12-19 15_54_14-Window.png

If I go to Organization\All SaaS Users, and click on a user I see a value called 'Unique ID'. Is this something assigned by Flexera, or is it the User ID mentioned or above and if not, then where can I see the User ID? Also is the User ID the same as the Employee ID under Organization\All IT Asset Users?

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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for your question. A Unique ID appears when an email address is not returned from the SaaS application’s API integrated with SaaS Management. This SaaS Management help topic is referenced in the Users Tab > Users Tab Columns > Email section:

Thanks for your reply. In the screenshot above it shows User ID as one of the values retrieved by the Azure Client Credentials SaaS connection. I would like to know where in the Flexera One UI I can see the User ID for a user. It does not seem to appear under Organization\All SaaS Users, or Organization\All IT Asset Users.

By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran


Thanks for your reply. 

The  Azure Client Credentials integration instructions were updated to replace the term User ID with Unique ID


This terminology change reflects the correct wording that is referenced in the Microsoft API documentation 

MicrosoftAPI-Unique ID.png

Within the Flexera One SaaS Management UI, you can find the Unique ID for a user by navigating to Organization > All SaaS Users. Then click a user's Email link, which opens the user's details.  The Unique ID is listed first.


 I hope this information helps.