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Automate Alert for Beacon Checks

I am trying to automated alerts if anything goes wrong with Beacon. 

Could you guys please share the checklist of logs and locations?

Thanks for your time in advance! 

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Log files on beacons are primarily found in the following two locations:

  1. Subdirectories under C:\ProgramFiles\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\. Different subdirectories found here correspond to different components that make up the beacon.
  2. The C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft\ directory (or users' %TEMP%\ManageSoft\ directories if processes are run under a named user account rather than SYSTEM). Logs found here are from components that the beacon shares with the FlexNet inventory agent.
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Hi @ChrisG 

Thanks for sharing the informatiom!

I am looking for exact/specific details so I can build a script to catch Log errors. 

Do you know what all services, regkeys, log errors I should include while building a script to automate Beacon Alert ? 

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