Support for Multiple Google Cloud Billing Accounts in the Same Flexera Org

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This release brings additional support around Google Cloud Platform accounts in the Flexera Cloud Cost Optimization platform.

GCP allows customers to enable BigQuery billing export for multiple billing accounts. In addition, Google can issue new billing accounts when changes occur to how customers are billed.
In the Flexera Cloud Cost Optimization platform, population of the "Bill Source" dimension has now changed from: google-<projectID> to gcp-<billingAccountID>-<unique-32-characters>.
EXAMPLE: What was previously google-myProj would now be gcp-012345-678901-ABCDEF-abc123def456abc123def456abc123de
This allows for onboarding billing data from multiple GCP billing accounts into the same Flexera org, even when the actual billing datasets are in the same Google project.
To achieve this within the Flexera One UI where you are now allowed to specify the Google "Billing Account ID", navigate to Administration > Cloud Settings > Settings, and then on the Billing Configuration tab click the ADD A CLOUD BILL button. 
For more information on GCP billing, see:
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