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We released Inventory Normalization Statistics in IT Visibility last month (August 2021, see this blog post). On the software side, the statistics were available for Installer evidence only. There were placeholders for both “File evidence” and “Other evidence” on the Sankey diagram with zero counts.

This month’s enhancement (September 2021) brings an improvement to the “Other evidence” by including the statistics for evidence used to recognize operating systems. Operating system recognition could come from OS-related WMI evidence, OS evidence from third-party discovery systems, and OS evidence from commands such as os-release on Linux, sw_vers on MacOS, and uname on other Unix systems.


On the sample Sankey diagram above, "Other Evidence" is now showing the counts for these OS evidence (with the value of 1103). This number will also affect subsequent counts—Recognized and Unrecognized count as well as Consolidated, Duplicate and Irrelevant values—depending on the evidence. Active and Ignored counts would reflect the computer status returned with software (from Installer evidence) and operating systems (from Other evidence).

Find further details in our online help reference (see Viewing Inventory Normalization Statistics).

For more information on new features and enhancements for Flexera One, see What's New in Flexera One.