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Flexera Alumni

IT Visibility users will notice a new root-level menu item, “Vulnerabilities,” is now available. This is the first of multiple planned steps to ease access to Flexera’s rich software vulnerability research content.

Software Vulnerability Research (SVR) provides rapid awareness of new software vulnerabilities associated with desired software vendors and titles. Our rich security advisories provide valuable details to help you understand, prioritize, and remediate software security updates.


In addition to accessing this data within SVR, we are planning to provide this research data via a Software Vulnerability Enrichment Pack soon, which will add software vulnerability references to further enrich your software inventory in IT Visibility. Watch this space for updates.

Below is a quick review of some of the ways you can (and will soon) be able to leverage Flexera’s software vulnerability research data.

Software Vulnerability Research

Flexera’s Secunia Research team has been authoring valuable software vulnerability advisories for decades covering a wide range of platforms. SVR is a SaaS based solution aimed at helping ensure prompt, appropriate awareness of software vulnerabilities. One can create a ticket (internally or in an external ITSM solution like ServiceNow or Remedy) or send an email or text message to the appropriate personnel based on a manually defined “watch list.” In the future, we intend to offer the ability to create a watch list based on your IT Visibility inventory. Click here to learn more about SVR.

Software Vulnerability Enrichment Pack

Within IT Visibility, it will be possible to enjoy these valuable software vulnerability insights in conjunction with existing inventory data, end-of-life dates, and business service context. Because the level of version granularity associated with inventory data is not always sufficient to definitively declare an installed version secure or insecure, matched items are to be considered potentially vulnerable and worthy of further investigation. Watch for the Software Vulnerability Enrichment Pack, coming soon.

Software Vulnerability Manager

For those looking to assess, prioritize, and remediate software vulnerabilities in their environment, Flexera offers Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM). This solution can definitively identify specific vulnerable versions of software on your endpoints and provide the data necessary to prioritize those in need of attention. SVM can then automatically (or manually) remediate vulnerable software by publishing vendor patches to established endpoint management solutions like Intune, ConfigMan, Workspace One, BigFix, and others. Click here to learn more about SVM.