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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

The Flexera SaaS Management (FSM) team has developed an application incorporating workflow and error messaging for importing SaaS data from over 26,000 SaaS vendors. The FSM Data Ingestion Utility is a client-based Windows desktop tool to help upload data from your organization’s multiple SaaS applications on a regular schedule. This application provides the Software Asset Manager with a complete view across all their SaaS applications.

FSM Data Ingestion Utility Workflow

The diagram below describes the key steps of the FSM Data Ingestion Utility.

  1. Map the input CSV file or API data source fields to Flexera One’s SaaS Import Job API.
  2. Schedule the upload data frequency between your organization’s SaaS applications and FSM Data Ingestion Utility.








Key Features

The FSM Data Ingestion Utility has the following key features.

All Inclusive

Ingests all your organization’s SaaS vendor data to reflect your entire SaaS environment, irrespective of whether that data is available via a vendor API or stored in a CSV file.

Flexible & Extendable

  • Creates and changes field mappings as needed
  • Creates job upload schedules to suit application usage data availability


  • Tracks and provides visibility into application activity through audit logs
  • Retries job uploads multiple times to ensure reliable delivery


  • Enables the ingestion of enterprise-level data
  • Automatically handles ingestion of large CSV files by splitting files into 10MB chunks


  • Requires token-based authentication
  • Encrypts and stores refresh token in a database.

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