New Look for a SaaS Application’s Overview Tab

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The Overview Tab in Flexera One is a dashboard that displays a SaaS application’s spend, license count, and user activity. This tab was redesigned to present data in a more consistent and consumable way.

The Overview tab can be found by navigating to the SaaS menu in Flexera One and clicking Managed SaaS Applications. When the Managed SaaS Applications screen appears, click the link of the appropriate application instance to open the application’s details screen. The Overview tab is listed first.

To see how much the Overview tab has been redesigned, use the link underneath the Overview tab to switch between the old and new dashboard.

The new look of the Overview tab includes the following features. For details, see Overview Tab - New Dashboard.

  • Overview Tab Data Updates
  • Application Usage Bar Chart
  • License Information Tiles
  • Spend By Department Bar Chart
  • Application Usage Over Time Line Graph

Overview Tab Data Updates

Some examples that would cause the data in this page to update in 1 hour include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Changing a license definition
  • Adding or removing users in a HR Roster
  • Receiving users’ last login

Application Usage Bar Chart

This new bar chart displays:

  • A visual snapshot of a SaaS application’s user activity based on your organization’s activity threshold
  • Annual spend of active, inactive, never active, and available users based on license type
  • The number of Underutilized Accounts (Inactive Users Count + Never Active Users Count) 
  • Potential savings per year

License Information Tiles

The license information tiles, located in the upper-right corner of the Overview tab, pulls in the following high-level information from the SaaS application’s Licenses Tab:

  • Annual Spend displays the estimated annual cost.
  • Licenses displays “Unlimited” for unlimited licenses or the total number of allowed licenses.

Spend By Department Bar Chart

The Spend By Department bar chart is located underneath the license information tile. This chart displays the 8 departments with the highest annual license cost. The timestamp above the Spend By Department bar chart refers to the last available single day of data.

Application Usage Over Time Line Graph

The Application Usage Over Time line graph is located at the bottom of the Overview tab. This graph displays the number of active, inactive, and never active users over time. You can select between a 30-day, 1-year, or 2-year time frame.

For more information on new features and enhancements for Flexera One, see What's New in Flexera One.