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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran

Flexera One IT Asset Management February 2023 update includes the following new features and updates. 

Note: For detailed information on these new features and updates, see the What's New in Flexera One / February 2023.


Item Description

Support for Linux on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE

Flexera One now provides discovery, visibility and licensing on Linux on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE.
Merged Devices Issues Analysis Report The new Merged Devices Issues Analysis report provides details on the inventory devices imported from same or multiple sources.
New Columns Added to the IBM License Compliance Reports Five new columns have been added to the IBM compliance reports. These new columns provide additional information to represent the zSystems hierarchy structure in IT Asset Management.
Trend Data for the SAM Optimization Hub

With this update, the SAM Optimization Hub now renders historical trend data in the form of two line charts.

    • Estimated Savings vs. Classical Approach (Trend)
    • Save By Taking Action (Top 5 Trends)
FlexNet Inventory Agent Change Log

List of updates to the FlexNet inventory agent.

Inventory Beacon Change Log 

List of updates to the inventory beacon.

Resolved Issues in the February update

List of known issues resolved in the February update. 


We love to hear about your experiences, so let us know how things go with these updates by posting a comment here or in the FlexNet Manager Forum. Of course, the friendly Flexera Support team is also always standing by to take your call.

Thanks for being a partner of Flexera on this journey.